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Tuscan Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil   (Dimitri Oils)

100% Organic, Extra virgin. Olives imported from Italy. Cold-pressed. Made fresh weekly. Choice ingredients. Intense taste from imported spices and herbs.

Excellent with DAIRY / BREAD

Kale Bunch   (Gardeners Gourmet)

100% Organic, freshly cut. This is the 'kale to die for'. Wonderful baked or gobbled raw. Try it with a dash of Himalayan Black Salt and ground red cayenne.

Farm-fresh Eggs   (Harmony Hill Family Farm)

100% Organic, free-range. Raised and allowed free-range in Loudoun county, Virginia. No stress habitat. Zero glyphosate feedstock. Well-fed and cared-for hens produce the most flavorful eggs.

Cucumber Medley   (Number One Sons)

100% Organic, heirloom seeds, GMO free. Pre-washed in fluoride-free water. Watered with filtered, fluoride-free, magnetically rejuvenated water. Juicy. Bountiful. Gorgeous taste.

Wonderful with Tuscan Olive Oil / Dimitri Oils

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